May 31, 2017

Wild Earth Farms

Forever inspired by these two. They rode their bikes all the way to Canada. Yes, you heard that correctly. I don’t think they can be any more awesome. They met a lot of amazing people along the way and fell more in love with fermented foods. When they got home they went all out in starting a fermented food business. They now have product all around the city that they have produced. They gave me a tasting after the photo shoot and I had no idea how much I LOVED fermented foods. If you haven’t tried any, totally give it a whirl!! You can find their amazing ferments at Good Foods Grocery, South of the James & St. Stephens farmers markets, and Online with Fall Line Farms/Local Roots. Grant¬†and I have known each other since High School, so it was amazing to catch up and help them with some branding and marketing photos. Seriously, these two are definitely some of the most amazing humans on the planet. Check em out.




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